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Draagtas LDPE Stippels Rood

Draagtas LDPE Stippels Rood

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Stars, dots, squares, hearts. and so on, and so on, we love them all so much! Thats why we made the plastic bag dots in this striking red color! Sooo magnificent. The bags have a punched out hole, so they are easy to carry away. This color is available in 3 sizes.

Beschikbaar in volgende designs/groottes:

Kleur productcode Product Voorraad Aantal Prijs (Excl. BTW)
15OG27 Draagtassen LDPE Stippels Red 40x51 cmDraagtassen LDPE Stippels Red
40x51+2x4 cm bodem - 500 pcs

€ 95,00

15OG72 Draagtassen LDPE Stippels Red 60x51 cmDraagtassen LDPE Stippels Red
60x51+2x4 cm bodem - 500 pcs

€ 115,00

15OG20 ldpe Stippels rood 25x36+2x4cm 1.000stldpe Stippels
1.000 stuks

€ 95,00

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