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Paperbag Greyboard

Paperbag Greyboard

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Paper paper paper, yes, we cannot get enough of our paper items. That’s why we now also have this cool looking Greyboard paperbags! They not only look super cool but are also super eco friendly, surprise your customer and watch their happy face when they leave your store with this perfect bag. You can get them in 3 sizes: Large – 60x13x42+4 cm. Medium – 40x12x35 cm - Small – 24x10x20,5 cm Each size is packed per 100 pcs. Have fun using them!

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Kleur productcode Product Voorraad Aantal Prijs (Excl. BTW)
56NC003 Paperbag Greyboard LargePaperbag Greyboard Large
60x13x42+4 cm - 100 pcs

€ 110,00

56NC001 Paperbag Greyboard MediumPaperbag Greyboard Medium
40x12x35+4 cm - 100 pcs

€ 95,00

56NC002S2 Paperbag Greyboard SmallPaperbag Greyboard Small
24x10x20,5+4 cm - 100 pcs
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€ 80,00

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