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Paperbag twisted handle Diagonal Stripe Black

Paperbag twisted handle Diagonal Stripe Black

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These paperbags are perfect for different gifts. The pattern and the colours are neutral which will make it really easy to combine with other wrapping products. To make it even more special, you can put a nice sticker on it. Just look around to find the perfect products for you.

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Kleur productcode Product Voorraad Aantal Prijs (Excl. BTW)
56IS044K9 Paperbag twisted Diagonal Stripe Large BlackPaperbag twisted Diagonal Stripe Large Black 44x15x49,5 cm - 200 stuks Bestel nu

€ 90,00

56IS043K9 Paperbag twisted Diagonal Stripes Medium BlackPaperbag twisted Diagonal Stripes Medium Black 32x12x41cm - 200 stuks Bestel nu

€ 80,00

56IS041K6K9 Paperbag twisted Diagonal Stripes Small BlackPaperbag twisted Diagonal Stripes Small Black 18x8x24 - 200 stuks Bestel nu

€ 65,00

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