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Kadopapier Efrat Ofek Botanical

Kadopapier Efrat Ofek Botanical

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Efrat Ofek is a graphic designer and pattern designer based in Geneva, Switzerland. After working as a graphic designer for 10 years, Efrat began to experiment with surface design and illustration, which enable her to express her passion for art and design through lines, colors and textures. Efrat’s artwork is mostly inspired by shapes and colors in nature and everyday life, which she translates into her clean, fresh and modern style. She loves to incorporate bold shapes as well as fine line work in order to create harmonic and balanced designs. In her work, Efrat uses hand-drawn lines, paper cut-outs and collages, which create imperfect aesthetics, and she constantly experiments with new materials and techniques to evolve her designs.

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70 cm - 200 mtr
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