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Luxe Papier Jessica Nielsen Bow Red

Luxe Papier Jessica Nielsen Bow Red

10,00van 15,00

We are really big fan of the design from Jessica Nielsen! The power and simplicity is so beautiful! This wrapping paper is ready to go! put nice ribbon on it, and you've got yourself really nice gift! To give or to get! These bows are available in 30, 50 and 70 cm, and in the following color combinations: Bronze, Hot-Pink, Fresh Mint, Yellow and Red. Off you go!

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Kleur productcode Product Voorraad Aantal Prijs (Excl. BTW)
10KA19070 Jessica Nielsen Bow Red 70 cmJessica Nielsen Bow Red
70 cm - 200 mtr
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€ 65,00 van € 95,00

10KA19030 Jessica Nielsen Bows Red 30 cmJessica Nielsen Bows Red
30 cm - 200 mtr
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€ 35,00 van € 55,00

10KA19050 Jessica Nielsen Bows Red 50 cmJessica Nielsen Bows Red
50 cm - 200 mtr
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€ 45,00 van € 75,00

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